Jewelry From Us Is Jewelry Forever

I thought I'd start our new blog with our mission. When I say, "jewelry from us is jewelry forever", what I mean is that we want your grandson to use the ring you purchased from us to propose to his love 30 years from now. Maybe he puts a few extra diamonds down the side or leaves it exactly as it is. For their 10th anniversary, it gets flanked by a wrap. When your first great-grandchild is born, you pass down that sapphire necklace you got last Christmas. 

When the prongs wear down from years of daily wear, you bring that ring back in to us and we care for it with the love that we show every piece we work on. With regular checkups, the jewelry you purchase today could last for many generations to come. 

Our commitment to every piece we sell extends beyond what you get online or at big box stores. We keep your white gold pieces shining like new with complimentary rhodium-plating for life. We offer free appraisals on items purchased with us, and you can get them updated any time at no charge to keep your insurance coverage accurate. 

Didn't buy it from us? We can still care for it. Our service prices are competitive, and our work is guaranteed. Cleaning is always free, no matter where your jewelry came from. 

The very core of our beliefs is that we stand behind our jewelry while you look after it for the next generation. That ring isn't a gift for your fiancée - it's for her to take care of for your granddaughter.

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