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At Coughlin Jewelers, we have the perfect jewelry for your special someone or to complement any special occasion. In fact, we are renowned for our engagement and wedding sets, and even gifts for your bridal party. But we don’t stop there! 

Our services include:

Appraisals: Our knowledgeable jewelry professionals can provide precise appraisals on any piece that you bring into our store. It’s always helpful to know the value of your jewelry, especially if you plan on trading it in or having it insured.
Cleaning: In order to keep your jewelry shining like the stars, we recommend periodic professional cleaning. Cleaning jewelry is a delicate process, which if done improperly, can result in damage to your treasured piece. Our experienced staff knows exactly what to do to keep your jewelry sparkling.
Insurance: Coughlin Jewelers is proud to partner with Jewelers Mutual to offer premium insurance as an option with your purchase. If you don’t want to add it to your homeowner’s policy or private insurance, Jewelers Mutual has you covered.
Repairs: Accidents happen, but when they happen to your most treasured jewelry, it can be heartbreaking. But don’t worry! We offer repair services to restore your jewelry to its original brilliance. Bring in any damaged piece, and we will go over the cost of cleaning, repairs, and sometimes even replacements in certain instances.
Payment plans: That’s right! You don’t have to downgrade just because of the price. You can purchase your favorite item with a payment plan that’s right for you. We will work with your budget to keep you looking red-carpet ready!
Ring sizing: The proper fit is essential for keeping your rings safe and flawless. We will size your ring for the perfect fit.
Diamond certification: Ever wonder if your diamond is real? You won’t with us. Coughlin Jewelers can have your diamond certified, so you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in a legitimate, 100% real, quality diamond.
Warranties: Jewelry isn’t just an accessory. It’s an investment. Our jewelry is backed by extensive manufacturer warranties in order to give you peace of mind by knowing that your jewelry can be an heirloom for years to come.
Shipping: Coughlin Jewelers doesn’t just serve the Blue Water Area. Our stellar reputation has allowed us to build a customer base throughout the United States. Check out our website to find your perfect piece, and we will ship it directly to your home. It’s that easy!
At Coughlin Jewelers, our goal is to keep you coming back with affordable prices and payment plans, superb warranties, and of course, our fabulous jewelry. Your satisfaction means everything to us!
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