What is permanent jewelry?
Permanent jewelry is a custom bracelet, anklet, or necklace sized just for you and welded together with a quick and painless micro-welding technique to connect the ends without a clasp.. Because the jewelry has no clasp, it is not something you can take on and off when you go to bed or shower, but it can be removed with scissors if need be.

Does permanent jewelry hurt?
Not at all! If all precautions are followed during the welding process, you will not feel a thing.

However, you should never look directly at the spark created when the jewelry is welded together because it can damage your retinas and cause temporary or permanent blindness.

What chain options do you have?
At the moment we have a variety of sterling silver, gold-filled, and yellow gold options. Since these metals are not 100% pure, those with metal allergies may have a reaction and should avoid permanent jewelry. Click here to see our current options and prices. 

What if I want it removed?
Scissors, wire cutters, or pliers are all capable of cutting your jewelry. For necklaces, in case of emergency and for added safety, we leave one link un-welded so that it is easier to pull off.

What if it breaks?
Coughlin Jewelers will cover repairs caused by material defect or improper welding of our own permanent jewelry for up to 60 days. Outside repairs are on a case-by-case basis. Repair cost is determined by the location and extent of the damage and the type of metal used. If the bracelet has broken in too many places or has become stretched because of improper use, a new piece of permanent jewelry is the only option.

How old do you have to be to get one?
Any recipients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.

Do I need an appointment to get permanent jewelry?
An appointment is highly recommended to save your spot, but we will try to accommodate walk-ins!

What if a group of my friends all wants one at once? Do you offer group discounts?
We will happily accommodate a group! We only ask that, for groups of over 5 people, you contact us first to confirm availability. Groups of 5 people or more will receive a 15% discount during the same visit.

Can Permanent Jewelry go through airport security without being removed?
Our permanent jewelry pieces do not need to be removed at airport security, so you can travel with confidence!

Can I get an MRI or surgery with permanent Jewelry?
Your permanent jewelry should be removed before an MRI or other invasive medical procedure. Save your chain and we can re-weld it for you afterward.

Will you add charms to a bracelet I got at another place?
Of course! We ask that you contact us and send photos and materials of the jewelry you currently have so we can make sure that the pieces will be compatible.

Who should not get permanent jewelry?
Those with pacemakers should not get permanent jewelry because of the welding process. Allergic reactions to our chains are rare, but those with metal allergies should not get permanent jewelry.

Can I give permanent jewelry as a gift?
Absolutely! You can purchase a Coughlin Jewelers gift card for any amount.

For all other questions or comments, you can contact us via phone or text at 810.329.6866 or email us at info@coughlinjewelers.com

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